* This content is open source and being referenced to show the problems are real and have an impact. Their presence does not mean they endorse Central or our proposed solutions at this time *

"I genuinely don't feel that YouTube does enough to take care of and look after their community."

"I've been shadowbanned on instagram and just found out today that my posts aren't visible to barely anyone, they don't appear in any hashtag and also I can't use any new hashtag myself."

"Like any social media platform, Instagram has their goals, which are to monetize their platform. It doesn’t necessarily involve making sure influencers and photographers are able to make money from the platform, as well. So they can just change their algorithm and suddenly you don’t get the engagement you were getting. You’re not appearing in people’s feeds. You have to start paying more in order to even reach people."

Hungry to learn more? Here's a video compilation that we put together just for you! 

"Our LGBTQ+ content is being demonetized, restricted, and not sent out to viewers which has highly affected our ability to reach the community that we strongly want to help."

"They demonetized my entire back catalog. It was a HUGE financial hit."

"YouTube will no longer pay you for being your authentic self."


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